Hydraulic Divider Valve


Hydraulic divider valves are used to connect hydraulic tools and hydraulically powered output equipment such as excavators, loaders and construction vehicles.

When hydraulic tools need a hydraulic power source, because the power source of the output flow and output oil pressure is much greater than the rated load of hydraulic tools, if the direct use will be connected greatly reducing the service life of these hydraulic tools and even damage to hydraulic tools.

Therefore it is necessary to split and decompress the large-flow hydraulic output. WIPIN hydraulic divider valve can be a good adjustment of flow, reduce the pressure, so as to protect the hydraulic tools and will not damage and reduce the service life.

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The Hydraulic Divide Valve has the following three built-in components and functions:

  • Flow valve: Adjusts the hydraulic flow to the hydraulic tool
  • Relief valve: To ensure that hydraulic tools in its maximum pressure range
  • Check valve: Makes sure that the hydraulic tool is working in the correct hydraulic circuit