Dieselmaster Ute Pack


Built for the Extreme.

Providing safe operation in the most demanding of refuelling duties from Agriculture to Heavy Industry.

Internationally Certified:
The Ute Pack™ range has been extensively tested and approved to the UN Specification for the Transport of Dangerous Goods and Worksafe Packing Group 3 standards.

Performance Under Pressure
Our pressure test is equal to taking our tanks to a depth of 5m under water.

Australian Owned & Made

Highest Grade Material – BUILT TUFF
Our premium European diesel-grade polymer gives the ute pack its raw strength, taking tough to a whole new level.


100L: Height: 500mm, Length: 770mm, Width: 540mm
200L: Height: 600mm, Length: 1050mm, Width: 750mm
400L: Height: 600mm, Length: 1680mm, Width: 750mm
600L: Height: 755mm, Length: 1720mm, Width: 890mm


100L, 200L, 400L, 600L, 800L

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